Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art in the 15th Century

A couple months one of my best friends gave me "Italian Joy" a book written by Carla Coulson, an Australian photographer who found her muse in Italy, she talks about the great the Italian culture is, how Fantastic the Architecture is, how warmth the Italians are and of course about their amazing cuisine.

Since I read that book, I have found myself very interested in the Italian culture, (hoping to visit soon) reading about humanism and Renaissance in Italy I realized that a lot of their culture comes from this 2 movements, one Cultural the other Social but both of them impacted the way the country is perceived in the world, I definitely have to read more about it to put this ideas in a better shape and make more sense, I particularly will definitely research more about humanism.

The David by Donatello it's definitely a perfect representation of this tought, Donatello's put a more physiological meaning into his word (David being a representation of triumph over something that seemed almost impossible) his facial expression and the pose show security, at that time when Florence won the battle over Milan gave a huge security and pride to the Florentines, but I also think that Donatello's used this opportunity to express his self in a different and more personal way, definitely way ahead of his time.

Donatello was also and inspiration for a lot of other Artist whom adopted his technique to add more emotion into their work. I would say that taking risk pays back and the David it's a perfect example of it.

Now I know more about a great country and where it comes from and find myself even more in interested in visiting soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

15th and 16th Century Art

It's amazing to see how most of the factors that influenced Art in the 15th & 16th century still being topics of discussion in our time, but being able to understand this paintings give us some answers, and Religion will always be controversial, what i loved the most it's that the artist used Real people to represent scenes from the Bible, working ON SCENOGRAPHY, customs and emotions so the Artist will capture the deepest sense of the story. I still admiring most of this paintings and still finding details that surprise me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Three Musicians, 1921(Pablo Picasso)

There's images that came you smile without trying. This paint always makes me smile, the color, the position of the FIGURES, the representation of the concept, just the idea of three people playing music and having fun is a joy for the eyes, this is a CLASSICAL paint of Picasso he places things in ways that make you keep your eyes focus in different points of the paint and keep discovering new aspects, the more you look the more you fall into the paint.

The Broken Column, 1944. (Frida Kahlo)

This painted changed the way I perceived Art, in my years in high school I was lucky to met a person that knew a lot about her life and legacy, she made me be more analytical about her work and once I knew more about her life it was easier to understand the CONTENT of her work. this paint represents the pain and horror of surgical intervention, she spent a big amount of her life in hospitals, and use EXPRESSIONISM as therapy while in bed. (At first she had painted herself completely nude, but after deciding that it was to distracting she added what it looks like a hospital sheet)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andy Warhol (Self Portrait)
He's just a character, it would be really hard to pick one piece of his work, so I decided to go for one of his self portraits.
Why do I admire him? well the first time I saw his work (Campbell soup can paint) I really had no idea of he was, and to be honest I didn't care, with the years I found myself admiring more of is work, one day I finally discovered who he was and started searching more info about him.

His "POP ART" style was incredible, He came out with different ways to express himself in a more simple and commercial way, using his knowledge to create new and interesting pieces. He wasn't afraid of being a Commercial artist in fact he was proud of it.(good business is the best Art..)
He IDEALIZED different brands( Coke, Campbell Soup, Hollywood stars), creating a new way for people to see art in the everyday bases.