Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andy Warhol (Self Portrait)
He's just a character, it would be really hard to pick one piece of his work, so I decided to go for one of his self portraits.
Why do I admire him? well the first time I saw his work (Campbell soup can paint) I really had no idea of he was, and to be honest I didn't care, with the years I found myself admiring more of is work, one day I finally discovered who he was and started searching more info about him.

His "POP ART" style was incredible, He came out with different ways to express himself in a more simple and commercial way, using his knowledge to create new and interesting pieces. He wasn't afraid of being a Commercial artist in fact he was proud of it.(good business is the best Art..)
He IDEALIZED different brands( Coke, Campbell Soup, Hollywood stars), creating a new way for people to see art in the everyday bases.


Ann Sidorova said...

I must agree that Andy Warhol is fantastic. His films are also extremely representative of his work, and just extremely interesting for what they are.

macrame said...

Thanks for sharing Andy Warhol's art. This is so timely. You probably are aware that the San Jose Museum of Art will be exhibiting more than sixty lithographs and screen prints by Andy Warhol dating from the 1960s through the 1980s from 2/14/09 through 5/31/09. I'm looking forward to it.