Sunday, March 15, 2009

15th Century Painting... Piero della Francesca

Piero De La Francesca an artist that used the resources that he had to create his work and created his resources to keep working and innovating: This is what I take with me from his life, he was able to transmit emotions in painting that had no facial expressions, the representation of the emotions was in the actions of the figures. reminds me of classic family portrait from the 50s and 60s, all the family getting together for a picture taking in their best clothes and posing, most of the facial expressions would be the same, everyone is looking at the lense of the camera waiting for the flash and the picture will soon be ready to be hung in the Living room(like the one in my grandparents house).

Out of all his work the different pieces related to the Madonna are by far the wants the get my attention the most and also the curiosity of knowing what inspired him to represent this scenes in the way he did; in the MADONNA DEL PARTO almost feels like a theatrical representation, Real and Breath taking for the meaning behind it, with the divine presence and the support of Angels showing us the scene, notice the color balance all throughout the painting (look at the clothes that the angels are wearing they match and contrast each other).

the MADONNA DE SENIGALLIA feels like a continuation of the MADONNA DEL PARTO the Virgin is showing her baby Christ Di Salvatore that comes to life full of love for us and I can feel the innocence in both of them. In the paint we can also see 2 women behind them admiring the scene. Piero used often the Sacra conversation in his paintings as other artists of the time.

The Madonnas of Piero had the same expression but totally different messages (also look at the Brera Madonna).


Shaina said...

Your entries are very detailed and pleasing to read. My grandma, too, has a portrait in her house of her sisters and her sometime in the 40s or 50s. Sometimes it is heard to read the facial expressions and get a feel for the mood. You are right about Piero de la Francesca, though. We are able to read from the clothing, positions of the characters, and other background decoration what is going on. Nice work!

cinapoli said...

sergio- Superb...i find it so intriguing that a painter can convey emotions without facial expressions because we so easily look for that as the key vehicle for how one feels--whether it is correct or not.

excellent point!