Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog VI "Rembrandt" SMILE!!!

Self portraits are suppose to be a description of yourself, but the question is: Is it a real description of yourself or is a picture of the way you want people to perceived you? When we create a profile in Social networking the most important thing is t pick the right picture or perhaps the picture that we want other people to see, I'm always surprise when I see pictures of friends from long time ago and they look totally different now days, is like being trap in time, and wanting to stay there but what's the point? I mean if we want people to like us for who we are why are we lying to ourselves with outdated pictures?

the work that I most admired of Rembrandt are his self portraits we can see the progression of time in each one of them and know or guess, how old he was, where was he, time etc... but in almost all of them his facial expression seems pretty much the same, we need to really pay attention to the detail in his eyes, because that's where we can get better sense of his feelings.

My favorite Rembrandt's self portrait is the one where he is laughing, a very unusual pose and expression from any other self portraits done by anyone, he captured all the details of himself laughing, the wrinkles in his face are so detailed and clear, I imagined he stood in front of a mirror and practice, took a picture in his mind and worked on the painting, I tried to research more about this piece but there's no much info, I absolutely enjoyed seeing happy people in pictures it makes me feel good.

from now on when I think of Rembrandt this picture will be the first thing coming to my mind as if it was a profile picture.

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Emerald said...

I like this painting also. I didn't think about a self portrait like that; whether it's just how you want others to see you. I like that Rembrant went out on such a limb and painted something so different; not just a self portrait, but a happy one. Maybe Rembrant was told that he had a funny face when he laughed and should paint that. I think this piece lasts because it stands out so much from the other, more serious paintings by other artists.