Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog VIII... Eugene Delacroix:"A Passionate, Romantic Traveler"

"COLOR ALWAYS OCCUPIES ME, BUT DRAWING PREOCCUPIES ME"... Eugene Delacroix: He meant what he said, an artist passionate about his job, he did what he loved to do do, Drawing, painting and traveling. Started his career in France but traveled to different countries in search for inspiration.

While in England Delacroix Illustrated some of Shakespeare's novels, and trough out his visits to different countries always expressed the way he perceived their cultures: His paintings are Dramatic and Romantic, emotional perhaps, he captures peoples feelings with the emphasis on color and movement that we see in most of his paintings, every single one of his pieces has a very deep a real message, just reading about the message behind the "LIBERTY LEADING PEOPLE" is a whole experience capable of feel the emotions behind this piece.


Ryan Galleher said...

I think it's his emphasis and vibrant color in his art is what makes it so amazing. I always hear the phrase, "The picture tells the story." And his picture's literally do.

Chris Laban said...

It's interesting to note the rich red, blue and white associated with freedom, equality, and brotherhood, the ideals of the French Revolution in the Liberty painting. These colors help to make it more dramatic and emotional and send the message more effectively than muted colors.

Emerald said...

I like this painting for the bright red also. It makes me think of Schindler's List or Les Miserables. I like how he uses the red with such dull colors because I feel like without the accent, the piece wouldn't be able to hold my attention. The red makes me keep looking back and re-focusing on the piece.

James Bailey said...

The scene Delacroix paints for us here is one of drama. The whole painting is a rush of action, energy, losses, life, freedom, etc. This piece exhibits so many emotions all at one time it becomes a lot to take in. He chose just the right colors to relay the tone of the portrait. His genius for color, lines, and drama carry into our own genertaion obsessed with fighting and drama. Amazing how art is evokes the same emotions now as it did then.